As you may know, I'll be traveling, um, flying in late May. And although some of the fears on this map are kind of silly, they are totally justifiable. So what do travelers fear in Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois? 

In Illinois they fear...

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Currency. Now while I have no experience in currency exchange, I believe every major airport has an ATM. This is probably a greater fear for those traveling overseas where, if you recall, most European nations now have a universal currency, the Euro.

In Indiana, travelers fear...

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Natural disasters. Okay, this one is pretty scary and it can be scary anywhere you go. Whether it's an earthquake, a mudslide, a hurricane, or a flood, this one is totally justified. I would think Indiana residents are pretty much used to waves or tornado warnings.

And in Kentucky, travelers fear...

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Cell phone service. Do phone booths still exist? I hope so. Here's the other rub, I don't know about you, but I'm not sure I can remember anyone's actual phone number anymore; I just tap a name or store, and there it is. It might be a good idea to jot down some important numbers i.e. emergency contacts before you depart.

The top 5 fears travelers have, according to this survey include:

1. Safe food

2. Natural disaster

3. Getting sick (this is a biggie for me!)

4. Language barrier

5. Assault (yikes!)