Guns & Hoses is set for Saturday, April 7th, and will see thousands of residents flock to the Ford Center to witness the Tri-State's premiere fundraising event with many likely enjoying an alcoholic beverage or four during the night. In the interest of not spoiling what is always a wonderful night, and making sure everyone gets home safe, Logan's Promise is once again teaming up with Yellow Cab in Evansville to offer free cab rides home for Evansville and Newburgh residents once the night is done.

Available both the night of Friday, April 6th and Saturday, April 7th , the service will come to your location and take you back home once your night comes to an end. Something important to note, the service will ONLY TAKE YOU HOME! It is not designed to be your personal party hopper. It will NOT take you to another bar, nor will it take you to a friend's house for the after-party (or the hotel lobby for the after-party, after-party).

Taking advantage of this generous service is super easy. Simply call Yellow Cab dispatch at (812) 429-0000 when you're night is done. They'll come pick you up, and Logan's Promise will take care of the bill. Due the (hopefully) high number of people taking advantage of this service, call early as there may be a bit of a wait time before the cab can get to you.

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