If you've ever considered fostering or adopting, now is this time! Let's get these animals to safety! 

This sweet girl is Princess and she needs a home! (Photo Another Chance for Animals)
This sweet girl is Princess and she needs a home! (Photo Another Chance for Animals)

Once again Evansville Animal Control is Code Red, that means they are full, and have zero open kennels.  Difficult decisions have to be made, which means animals will have to be euthanized.  It's the heartbreaking reality.

If you are able to foster/adopt now is the time to do it.  If you've been considering, but unsure, fostering is a great way to help without the full commitment! You keep the pet at your house, take care of it, while the rescues cover the vet bills, you just give the pet a loving home until they find their forever home.


We need fosters ASAP! Animal Control is completely full! If we don’t move some of these dogs out, we’re going to lose some. There are a total of 13 dogs past their hold and can leave for foster today! Some of them have pictures posted below. Please give these great dogs the second chance they deserve! If you’re interested in fostering, send us a message ASAP!

Fostering doesn’t cost you anything except food and space in your home. You’ll take care of the dog until they are fully vetted and once that is done, you as the foster have first choice to adopt! If you decide not to adopt, then you’ll just need to get them to the adoption events on Saturdays at PetSmart!

And take a visit to animal control, you just might fall in love and adopt your furry best friend!

I understand that sometimes you aren't in a place to foster or adopt, and that's okay, there are many other ways you can help as well. Volunteer, donate, or just share the shelters info on social media to help these animals out.  Raising awareness is also important!


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