Trooper Brandon McPherson announced Monday morning Harris had been found and was returned to the Hopkins County Detention Center.


Kentucky State Police are asking for your help locating an inmate from the Hopkins County Detention Center they say stole a truck and fled while on a work program outside the facility.

Kentucky State Police Searching for Escaped Hopkins County Inmate

According to a Facebook post from Trooper Brandon McPherson with Kentucky State Police Post 2, Michael Brian Harris, age 35, of Covington, Kentucky left Calhoun Farms on Nebo Road in a stolen 1997 Black Ford Ranger sometime around 1:30 Sunday afternoon. The truck has no registration plates and body damage. Police did not provide specific details as to the extent of the damage or where exactly on the vehicle it's located.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Authorities also don't know which direction Harris went after stealing the truck and fleeing the location.

Harris is described by police as a white male with brown eyes, bald, and a brown beard. He is approximately 5’9" tall and weighs approximately 180 pounds. He was last seen wearing Farm clothes. Authorities did not mention whether or not he should be considered dangerous, or whether or not they think he may be armed. However, considering he was in jail if you see him, it would be wise to keep your distance and alert the police to the location where you spotted him.

If you see Harris, the truck he stole, or have any information that may help Kentucky State Police find him and take him back to the Hopkins County Detention Center, contact Kentucky State Police Post 2 at 270-676-3313, or your local law enforcement.

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