There are thousands of laws in the books to make sure everyone stays on the straight and narrow. While most of them make complete and total sense (speed limits, not stealing stuff from other people, or killing them, etc.), there are several that make no sense at all.

Dumb Laws in the State of Indiana

Most of these are laws that were passed decades, if not more than 100 years ago. While they make zero sense to us by today's standards, they apparently seemed perfectly reasonable to the people in charge of making the laws during those times.

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Some of them appear to be based on religious beliefs, while others seem to reflect perhaps a more civil time when people were expected to act more "proper" in public. But, there are some that just feel like someone had a vendetta across someone or something and managed to get enough of their fellow lawmakers to back them in passing the law.

Below are 10 of the absolutely, positively, "who even thought of that and how did it get passed," dumbest laws I found that those of us who call the Hoosier state home may be breaking on a regular basis and have no idea we're doing it.

According to Stupid and Weird, these are actual laws on the books here in Indiana. How many have you broken today? I know for a fact I broke four of them today alone. I guess that makes me a fugitive or a rebel without a cause.

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10 Indiana Laws You Don't Know You're Breaking

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