This is one....lucky duck! Okay I'll stop.

Photos by Amanda Coburn

My friend Amanda works for the Vanderburgh Humane Society so she is a huge animal lover! She spotted some ducks on the road on Cross Pointe Blvd. on Evansville's east side, so she tried to chase them to the other side of the road so they didn't get hit. But one issue, one of the ducklings walked over a storm drain and fell in!

Amanda, being the animal lover she is couldn't leave the duckling! She quickly notified animal control, and waited.  Eventually AC showed up with a net, and Amanda said after 20 minutes of playing duck sounds on their phone they were able to coax the duckling back into view and snatch it up!

Amanda and the baby duck! Photo credit: Amanda Coburn

Now the duckling is back with mama, and all is well!

Thank you Amanda for your quick thinking!

And remember with it being Spring mama ducks and baby ducks are everywhere, please pay attention, and if they are crossing the road please be on alert, and try not to hit them.