No one's exactly sure where it came from, but the ongoing drought has revealed a more than 100-year-old shipwreck that was hidden in the Mississippi River. Archeologists think they know what this vessel is and why it sank though.

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As we shared a few days ago, the near-record low levels of the Mississippi River have made it possible to walk to the Tower Rock formation between Cape Girardeau and St. Louis, Missouri. Further down the river near Baton Rouge, look at the structure that the waters have been hiding all this time. It's believed to have been an early 1900's ferry that sank.

Inside Edition is reporting that "Dr. Chip McGimsey, archaeologist for the State of Louisiana, believes the ruins belong to the Brookhill Ferry, which sank in 1915". The website Travel Awaits agrees. They say this shipwreck was last seen back in 1992 when the river levels were near where they are this year. While they say there's little chance this shipwreck will be preserved, visitors are warned not to remove any of the remains of the vessel as archeologists are determining if it has enough historical value too salvage anything from.

It's not often you see river levels as low as we've witnessed in 2022. This shipwreck is another example of what hides beneath the mighty waters of the Mississippi River.

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