The more the Mississippi River waters fall due to drought, the more we're learning about the past. The most recent discovery in the river is a rare lion that once roamed America thousands of years ago.

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I first saw this shared in a short video by The Weather Channel showing an ancient lion tooth found in the Mississippi River. That led me on a search where I found an article on the Smithsonian website telling the story of a species of American lion believed to have been extinct for 11,000 years.

Anna Reginelli shared incredible pics from that American lion fossil on her Facebook page. Special thanks to her for allowing us to share them with you.

They report that these lions were massive possibly even 25% larger than the lions that roam Africa now.

The video of the extinct lion teeth found in the falling Mississippi River waters are huge as shown in The Weather Channel video. Can you imagine if this big cat was still around today? Guessing that would mean quite a dip in the deer population.

The drought has caused the Mississippi River to fall to levels not seen in over 30 years. Who knows what the next discovery will be of what lies under the mighty river waters.

As we shared recently, drone video shows how low the Mississippi River is and the problems it's caused barge traffic. The area where the Mississippi and Missouri rivers meet has also been affected. Many have been able to quite literally walk to the Tower Rock formation in the river this year.

A few weeks ago, a century-old shipwreck was found in the falling Mississippi River. Now, it's an ancient lion tooth. Who knows what will be revealed tomorrow?

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