If there ever is an Olympic Games for deer, this bad boy should enter. A driver's dashcam captured an incredible leap he made over a moving vehicle with no cars, humans or deer harmed.

Here's what the driver said about this magnificent high jump effort:

This was obtained from my dashcam while driving to take my dog for a walk...Luckily no one, including the deer got hurt!

This could easily be a preview for a movie called Air Bambi if there was such a thing.

To say this impressed the internet is an understatement. Here are some gawking YouTube comments:

xwf1000v3 - "That’s one bada** deer. He had a lot of Balls to do that. I’d know deer sometimes can be stupid but he had guts to do that stunt he pulled."

Michael Mendillo - "I think it was a kangaroo. !!!!!"

Wow, that's a lot of exclamation marks, Michael.

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If you're wondering how high a deer can jump, you're at the right place. Hunting Heart estimates a deer can easily clear 6 to 8 feet which this big deer seems to have done.

I have so many friends who have unfortunately run into deer this fall, I've lost count. Over the years, I have sadly had many who ended up on my hood. In this case, thankfully no deer, cars or humans were hurt. It's one less explanation to make to an insurance adjuster, too.

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