Just look at those precious eyes. Kaelah needs some serious medical care, and the bills are adding up.

Unfortunately, It Takes a Village has had several dogs that have needed critical medical care. Kaelah is one of those pups at It takes A Village.

Kaelah It takes A Village

Kaelah was rushed to the emergency vet last night as she could not stand and was having trouble breathing. This morning she was admitted to Eastside Animal Hospital and has taken a turn for the worse. They are doing everything they can to save her. As long as she is fighting to live, we will fight with her but we need your help.
Between the ER vet last night and now being hospitalized at Eastside Animal Hospital, her bill is at $1500.00.

Kaelah ITV

We know we have been asking for a lot of donations lately but these critical cases keep pouring in.