When it comes to summer, I can't get enough corn on the cob. As a child, corn on the cob was the only vegetable I would eat. Yep, I wouldn't even eat corn at all unless it was still on the cob.

Corn on the cob is so delicious. I can just see, smell, and taste the real butter, salt, and pepper covering the cob in a most mouthwatering way. Wait, I think I need a moment. I feel dizzy with food delight just imagining the juicy kernels in my mouth. Mmmmmmm...mmmm...mmm...OK, I'm good. See, I told you I love corn on the cob. I might need an intervention.

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On my way home to the Dingaling Ranch, from Evansville or the WBKR studios, on HWY 231, I pass a vegetable stand. Every summer, the couple that runs it, right out of their front yard, harvests the most delicious veggies ever. When I see their tent and signs up, it means Peaches and Cream corn is ready to take home.

Along with the sweetest corn, you will ever eat, they have directions on how to cook the perfect ear of corn. This how-to, definitely grabbed my attention. So, I tried it. Here is what you do.

Now, I have to admit, my family had mixed feelings about the corn. My husband and kids, would rather the corn be boiled. I, on the other hand, loved it. Maybe, because I love corn so much, I just don't care how it's cooked. It tasted just fine to me.

The one thing that is a hassle, unlike boiling where you can boil enough ears for the whole family, cooking corn, like in the video, can only be done one at a time. That is a pain. If you only have a couple of people to cook for, the above video instructions will get you the perfect corn on the cob.

But, what if you are cooking for a camping group or family picnic? You know, where you need around 20 ears of corn on the cob to feed everybody. What do you do then? Well, you make Cooler Corn.

I haven't tried this yet, but on our next camping trip, I'll be serving up come Cooler Corn. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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