I don't know what the vibe in your house has been like in the past week, but mine has been super anxious, stressed, and there have been a lot of tears. Why? We having been preparing for Chase to go back to school. He hasn't been in a real classroom since the shutdown last March. We did virtual last year, and now he's going to an all-new school.

This is also our first experience with school uniforms. This dress code also requires a belt and for shirts to be tucked in. We were late to the back-to-school shopping game because we weren't sure which school would be the right fit for us until the last minute. I don't think there is a red polo to be found in Evansville! Chase is not a fan of the uniform, but I think he looks like a little businessman, except he is now taller than me.

I know that this will be so good for him, but it's difficult to reassure him that every scenario he dreams up will be ok. Doug and I have passed on our anxiety to him, so needless to say, we have not had a lot of sleep in the past few days. I even took yesterday off so we could relax and enjoy the day.

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So, to distract myself and fellow stressed-out parents, I found some fun facts about school that you might find amusing.

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