Double Cola, the makers of Ski Soda, the soft drink of choice for many in the Tri-State (myself included), particularly the west side of Evansville, have issued a recall of approximately 200 cases their Cherry Ski line due to incorrect labeling.

The cases were sold in both the Evansville and Southern Illinois and feature incorrect information on the nutrition label. The cans, which recently underwent a makeover, list "Red #4" as one of the ingredients when it should list both “Red #40” and “Yellow #5.”

The products affected by the recall are coded A8023EV10:25 through A8023EV11:40.

If you purchased any of the packages affected, return them to where you purchased them for a full refund. For more information, or if you have any questions concerning the recall, contact the Double Cola Company at 423-267-5691 or 877-DBL-Cola.

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