Chemo Buddies, the Evansville non-profit dedicated to providing comfort and services to area residents battling cancer and their families, recently announced the addition of a new service they're providing to patients who don't have a means of transportation to get themselves to their regular treatment sessions.

When someone is diagnosed with cancer, their top priority instantly becomes doing everything in their power to make themselves better. For most patients, that means regular trips to chemotherapy treatments at a Tri-State facility. But, what if they don't have a way to get themselves there? There is public transportation, like the city bus service, but that would require walking to a nearby bus stop and perhaps having to transfer to different buses to get where they need to go. A process that may require them to start their trip an hour or more before their scheduled appointment time. Plus, it would require them to be exposed to whatever the weather is on that particular day which could lead to more problems considering they're dealing with an already weakened immune system.

Of course, there's also Uber and Lyft, both of which are available in most cities and towns across the Tri-State however, that would require them to pay for a ride to every appointment, which may not be financially feasible especially for those under a long-term treatment plan. That's where Chemo Buddies' new service, Shuttle Buddies, comes in.

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The program provides rides to cancer patients to and from their treatment appointments. The rides are free to patients thanks to private donations and are conducted by volunteers of the organization. If you or someone you know would like to take advantage of the service, call your nurse navigator, or Chemo Buddies directly at 812-893-8207. A cell phone is required to use the system and Chemo Buddies asks that you book your ride 24 to 48 hours ahead of your appointment.

To learn more about the mission of Chemo Buddies, as well as how you can get involved in that mission, or make a monetary donation so they can continue to provide Shuttle Buddies along with other services to area cancer patients, visit their website,

[Source: Chemo Buddies on Facebook]

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