For a long time pig ears have been a common treat for pets. But right now there's a salmonella outbreak linked to pig ears.


According to the CDC's website, they and the FDA are now advising people against buying or feeding any pig ear dog treats to pets.The reason is because the FDA has tested various pig ear treats from different suppliers and have identified different strains of Salmonella.  No single supplier or distributor has been identified, which is now why the CDC and FDA are advising people not to buy any pig ear treats or feed any pig ear treats to their pets.They advise if you have pig ear treats you've already purchase in your home, to throw them out.

There have been reports of people getting sick after handling the treats or caring for dogs who ate the treats. Dogs also may become sick from eating them.  A total of 127 people have been infected with the outbreak of Salmonella and it's been reported in 33 states.  Of the 127 30% have been hospitalized and 21% have been children younger than 5.

The CDC advises that if you have pig ear treats in your house that you throw them out. Put them in a secure container so no animal can get a hold of them. They also suggest you wash down any containers or shelves that held pig ears with hot soapy water and wash your hands.  They also advise that if you have given your dog a pig ear treat and they were fine, that you still throw the rest of the treats out as there could still be contamination.

If you have a pet you believe has become ill due to eating pig ears, the CDC recommends filing a safety report with the FDA, here.

You can read more info on this outbreak from the CDC, and get any other questions you may have answered, by clicking here!

Here's a quick video explaining salmonella in pig ears (please note, this video was taken before the latest update from the CDC which is now advising against ALL pig ears for dogs right now)


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