Travel Channel to Film in Santa Claus This Weekend
The Travel Channel will film in Santa Claus this weekend for a special featuring Christmas towns that will air this holiday season.
Locations that may be filmed include Santa Claus Museum & Village, Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort, Santa Claus Christmas Store, Holiday Wo…
Zero Line Sign on Folsomville Road in Warrick County
I've driven past this sign at least twice a day for years, wondering what the heck it means.  Just by speculation and as an uneducated guess, I thought that it may be the center of the county where the northern half and southern half of Warrick County are divided.  Finally I decided that I would try…
Work Zone Safety Week in Evansville and Throughout Indiana
Last evening as I was driving home on I-164, I witnessed a scene that reminded me that this is National Work Zone Awareness Week in Evansville and throughout Indiana.  The scene, located between the Lloyd Expressway and Morgan Ave. on I-164, depicts the number of highway workers killed this past yea…
My Peeve is the Pothole Problem
Okay...I've hit enough potholes lately to scrape off half my tire treads, wear out my shocks and throw my wheels out of alignment - enough already!  I'm getting quite peeved about the potholes I have to dodge every day as I drive to work and home again.  I'm glad to know that the pothole patrols are…
Proper Idling Time
Keeping yourself warm during extremely cold temperatures is important, but making sure your vehicle gets its proper amount of warm up time is important too.
Diamond Ave. Construction
Traffic will be restricted to one lane in both directions on St. Joe Avenue between Diamond and Allens Lane as crews begin work to patch holes and repave the stretch of road on Evansville's west side which serves as home for Rural King, Midas Car Care, and other local businesses.
Hoosier Foodie: Bacon Donuts at the Indiana State Fair
Here in Indiana, fair food is a huge part of the Hoosier diet - with the state’s mad science culinary vision and its you name it, we’ll deep fry it philosophy, you can never really tell, exactly, what sort of bizarre food you will find being served out of a mobile foo…
indiana wineries event
When you think of Indiana, most people envision cornfields and cattle, not vineyards and wineries. However, a one-day event scheduled as part of the Indiana Uplands Wine Trail hopes to, perhaps, add a little more fun and refinement to the community.
Indiana Law Enforcement Cracking Down on Drunk Boaters
If you’re going to play on the water in Indiana, you had better stay dry.
As part of a national campaign to raise awareness of the dangers surrounding boating under the influence of drugs and alcohol, Indiana conservation officers will be beefing up patrols across Indiana waterways th…

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