Before setting off for a weekend trip somewhere over the holiday weekend, be sure to prepare your vehicle for the trip.  After all, this machine you and your family will be riding in is holding your lives on its wheels.  Speaking of wheels, start with your tires!  Tires are often neglected, which can leave to problems on the road.

First, look at the tire all over.  How's the tread?  Are the tread wear bars showing?  You should consider replacing them once the tires have worn down to the wear bars.  Do the side walls have any punctures or rips in them?  There's another reason to replace the tire.

You should also be checking your tire pressure at least once a month, but once a week is actually better.  I admit, I don't check mine often enough, but I do check the pressure every time I change the oil in my car, which (with the amount of driving I do) equates to once every 2 months.  As I said, not often enough, but at least I'm checking them.  There are some fine people who don't ever think about checking the pressure in their tires until they experience a problem.

For more tips about how to prepare your vehicle before you head out, watch the video below.  And if you're not quite the mechanic type, simply take your car in to your favorite mechanic and have them check it out for you!