I've driven past this sign at least twice a day for years, wondering what the heck it means.  Just by speculation and as an uneducated guess, I thought that it may be the center of the county where the northern half and southern half of Warrick County are divided.  Finally I decided that I would try to find out.  So my first move was to search the Internet, but I kept getting websites I didn't want.  My next step was to call the Warrick County Engineer's Office.

The engineer, Brent Wendholt, was on the phone when I called, so I had to leave my name and number and wait for him to call me back.  While I waited, I wondered if he had ever received a call about this before or if he would be "put off" by my phone call.  Maybe he would think that I was some unintelligent and nosy resident who simply liked to create a fuss about something insignificant.

I didn't ask Brent what he thought of my inquiry when he returned my call, and in a pleasant and patient demeanor he explained what the sign meant.

His explanation proved that I was partially correct about my uneducated guess.  The sign can indicate a line that divides a county between north and south; however, it can also do the same for east and west.  Brent was relatively sure that the sign I see every day does, indeed, divide the county between north and south.

He also explained that the sign is helpful to emergency personnel, whether it be police, fire or ambulatory because it helps them get a bearing when trying to find a location in a rural area.  That's something I didn't think of.

Thank you, Brent, and Chris (who answered the phone), for providing my curiosity with an answer.  You both were so congenial and helpful.  When I lay my head down on my pillow tonight, I will sleep more soundly.