This is the most adorable version of "Jurassic Park" that you will ever see!

James and Elaine Buelll are a couple from Boonville that I went to high school with. They will be celebrating their son, Wyatt's first birthday soon. To commemorate his birthday, they enlisted their friend Kelsy Pecka, from Kelsy Rena Photography to capture the most adorable photo shoot you will see all week...a "Jurassic Park" photo shoot...toddler edition.

I asked Elaine why they chose a "Jurassic Park" theme. She said quite simply because that was one of her favorite movies. Her son, Wyatt, isn't into any shows or characters yet, so Elaine said "this is definitely happening for mama’s sake."

When you want something bad enough, "life finds a way", as Dr. Ian Malcom once said.

Elaine then started exploring what props to use, watched videos on how to make giant eggs, ordered an egg-shaped cake, and got Wyatt's costume ready for his big photo shoot.

What her and Kelsy created was seriously the cutest thing ever...especially if you love "Jurassic Park". Get ready to take a peak at this "Jurassic Park" photo shoot and share it with your friends. I'm sure they could use a good smile today!

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