Without a doubt, I am a huge proponent of the “random act of kindness”.  I think it is of the best things that you can do at any point in time.  Not only do you feel good after doing it but you can also change the course of someone’s day.  Not that I need to convince you even more as to why you should do random acts of kindness but I have found yet another reason.

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I know this may be hard to believe but doing nice things for other people is good for you.  Not only mentally but, as I have discovered, physically as well.  Different studies are showing that when you take time to do something nice for someone you will help yourself reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.  Plus, you can feel calmer, happier, and healthier.  Gotta love those feel-good hormones!

If you do help someone out you will end up with what researchers call a “Helpers’ High.”  Basically, your body gets flooded with different hormones and chemicals that improve cognitive function.  So, you are helping your brain function better and giving yourself the chance to live longer.  I am really seeing no downside to being a nice person here.

There are plenty of other benefits to being nice to people.  It can help lower your blood pressure for one thing.  Another is that it helps with pain reduction.  Apparently, there was a study that tested people with small shocks and if the subject was happier for doing a good thing, they didn’t feel the shock as much as others who hadn’t done something nice.  So basically, that tells me we all need to be nicer.

This may be a bit goofy and I am having some fun with the studies I found but, it doesn’t take away from the fact that random acts of kindness are great.  Whether you do them for the health reasons we have talked about or if you just like to do them, they need to be done.  We will all be a lot happier.

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