Do you love squirrels? What about clowns? If you love both, this will be great news for you. If not, you can watch a squirrel make all of your clown nightmares come true.

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Here's what a homeowner shared about what they did that made this special moment possible:

I bought these clown masks and put peanut butter and birdseed in one and hung it outside the window at my home office, hoping that one day a squirrel would participate and wear the mask. On January 20, 2022, I was on a work call when I saw it happening. I grabbed my phone and started recording. Dreams do come true.

Dreams? Perhaps nightmares is a better word.

Knowing that there's peanut butter in the mask makes me wonder if this might be a Reese's or Jiffy commercial someday. Maybe the squirrel will use his animal influencer powers to sell clown masks. The possibilities are practically endless.

Or, more like this will inspire more homeowners to put peanut butter in weird things so they can make videos with squirrels. This is what our world has become.

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