Parents and grandparents all over the Tri-State are either cheering or collectively sighing and either one is perfectly acceptable.  However, the recent news is making a big splash with kids everywhere.

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Angel here and as a mother, this is one rabbit hole I never went down with my children.  I have a very short fuse and this song seems to light and burn it quickly LOL but really.  However, that doesn't mean they didn't listen to the song and know the dance moves.  We just didn't rock the song blasting in the SUV nope nope nope!


Baby Shark Live is coming to the Old National Events Plaza on Friday, May 6, and you can swim in after 5 p.m.  The song has been at the top of Billboard charts and the video has over 10 billion views which seems absolutely crazy if you think about it.   Then again if you're a mom and your kids loved the video it's probably been on constant replay at your house for way too long now.

Baby Shark is a part of Pinkfong.  Pinkfong is a children's brand that also has its own channel and it has songs just like baby shark.  The Baby Shark Live show will bring new songs and dances plus some old favorites.


Here's how you get your tickets.  They are at the Old National Events Plaza Box Office Anyone over the age of 2 must have a ticket.  Ticket prices start at $28 plus taxes and fees.

Baby Shark Live is also coming to the follow cities near the Tri-State:

  • Nashville TPac-Wednesday, March 30
  • Louisville Palace-Friday, April 1
  • Bowling Green SkyPac-Tuesday, April 12

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