With COVID-19 cases continuing to rise not only in the county, but within the student bodies of all three county high schools, the Warrick County School Corporation announced Friday afternoon in an e-mail to parents all students in grades 9 through 12 at Castle, Boonville, and Tecumseh will move to virtual learning beginning November 30th.

The letter from Superintendent Brad Schneider said the move to virtual learning will continue until December 18th, the final day of classes before the county releases students for Christmas Break. For now, this means students at those three schools won't return to in-person learning until January 4th, 2021.

The move does not impact elementary and middle school students at this time. Students, will continue in-person learning at those schools, unless they have opted for virtual learning at home.

The county uses a green and yellow color code system to help determine the move to virtual learning or to stay with in-person instruction. The system is based on data from the corporation and the Warrick County Health Department. At this time all three high schools are in the yellow category, while many of the elementary and middle schools are in the green.

Despite the move, certain students will have the ability to be inside those schools during regular school hours. Those students, according to Superintendent Schneider's letter, are those "who need access to the internet or feel their needs are better met on-site," and "students requiring intense interventions." The letter goes on to say, "Students
who choose to attend on-site will be assigned to a safe area in the building and will be provided breaks throughout the day as they learn virtually."

Transportation will be available for those students who will be on-site, as will breakfast and lunch.

[Source: Warrick County School Corporation Press Release]

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