If you've missed delicious Chinese food in Downtown Evansville, here's some good news! Shing-Lee Chinese restaurant is officially reopening, and even have given us a date! 

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The Downtown Evansville Walkway has many delicious food options, but for a little over a year, one business has really been missed. Shing-Lee Chinese restaurant. After operating in Evansville for many years, they had to shut down after a neighboring business caught fire.

They always had plans to reopen, but after a year passed, people started to worry about the future of Shing-Lee.

Well worry no more! The delicious Chinese restaurant will be opening their doors once again  on May 1st!! On April 21st Shing-Lee posted a photo of a bunch of egg rolls captioned "sneak peek" which made everyone very hopeful, and then later that day made the big announcement!

They will also have new hours:

  • Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday:11AM-2PM & 4:30PM-7PM
  • Wednesday: 11AM-2PM & 4:30PM-7PM
  • Thursday: 11AM-2PM & 4:30PM-7PM
  • Friday:11AM-2PM & 4:30PM-9PM
  • Saturday: 4:30PM-9PM
  • Sunday: Closed

Keep up with them on their Facebook page, here!

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