Now that warmer weather has finally arrived, it's time for the annual ritual of Spring Cleaning. But what do you do with all those big pieces of junk you've decided you don't need anymore? You could load them up and take them to the dump, but that costs money. How about letting someone come take it off your hands free of charge? If you live in Henderson, you can do just that with the kickoff of the annual Spring Clean Week.

Open to Henderson residents, the free service provided by the city will come to your house and pick up things like, "small tree limbs, furniture and other large items that you would normally take to the landfill." They will not take "tires, batteries, oil, paint, air conditioners, and refrigerators," however.

To take advantage of the service, simply call 270-831-1224 between now and Friday. Due to the large volume of appointments the City expects to take, officials ask for patience as it could take up three weeks to come get your stuff.

The service is restricted to residential properties only. Heavy trash from "vacant property, commercial use, construction or demolition projects" will not be accepted.


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