Next time you go to the St. Louis Zoo, you might want to check the trees first. The reason I say that is one of their lions named Cabara was recently seen hanging out high up on a branch observing onlookers.

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This fun video moment was shared by the St. Louis Zoo on their Facebook page today. Look...up in the it a it a, it's Superman a lion...

Cabara and her pride are one of the reasons Big Cat Country is one of my family's favorite areas in the St. Louis Zoo. If you've ever wanted to see animals that have perfected sleeping and doing pretty much nothing, go see the male lions there. The females are often wandering around, but the guys...well, I don't think I've seen one that wasn't either sleeping or yawning.

Just a heads up that last time I checked, the St. Louis Zoo is still requiring reservations from anyone wanting to visit. Admission is still free, but they're managing the crowds still. Make sure you check the official St. Louis Zoo website before you make plans to go check their trees for lions.

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