Does it make me a bad person to admit I would have loved to have access to a smart phone and watch when I was in school? Soon, students at a Missouri high school will get to experience learning like I did as those devices will be banned.

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Springfield News-Leader reported on Steelville High School. They dropped this long explanation on Facebook explaining a policy that will be enforced starting Monday, April 4 where no students will be allowed to have these handy gadgets.

In case you can't see the full status, here are the reasons they shared for the change:

This change is due to many factors, a few of which are listed below:
Students taking videos and pictures of other students in the bathroom and posting on social media (child pornography)
Students making audio recordings of test reviews and listening to them while taking a test
Students using phones while in locker rooms
Pictures being taken of other students in the classroom without permission and posted to social media
Making videos and posting on Tik-Tok
Large amounts of conflicts that begin on social media or through text messages

They're asking students to check in their phones and watches in the school office before school starts or not bring them at all.

If a student needs a phone to communicate with parents regarding transportation or schedules, they do have the option of choosing the first option of picking up their devices after school.

It's a brave new world where educators have to deal with a constantly connected world where access to the internet is everywhere.

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