Would you be willing to walk through a hotel that has a reputation of being one of the nation's most haunted even if it existed practically in your own backyard? You have that chance virtually as several investigators took a creepy walk through the Ruebel Hotel in Grafton, Illinois.

My interest was peaked by a recent article by Only In Your State on this infamous hotel. If you search for "most haunted hotel", you'll likely see the Ruebel near or at the top of the list.

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It's checkered past includes a little girl named Abigail who either died of tuberculosis in the hotel or in a 1912 fire depending on who you talk to. Her ghost allegedly haunts the premises now as one brave soul encountered her during a 3 am walkthrough. She encounters flashes of lights, weird footsteps and voices that were not hers.

Abigail's picture can be seen in this very recent paranormal investigation of the Ruebel.

Several years ago, a team of ghost hunters explored the Ruebel Hotel with some advanced EVP equipment designed to detect voices that wouldn't be easily heard by human ears.

Abigail is such a famous apparition that she even gets mentioned on the official Ruebel Hotel website:

During the winter, when guests are typically more sparse, they began to notice strange occurrences in the quiet of the halls – soft footsteps in the twilight hours of morning, curious smells, and small items mysteriously vanishing as though a child had taken them. These occurrences - along with unexplained orbs in the photographs taken by many recent guests - have given rise to the rumors of the existence of "Abigail", a little ghost girl who may still roam the halls of the Ruebel years after her passing, playfully toying with an occasional guest.

Is the Ruebel Hotel really haunted or is this just the result of everyone's imaginations running wild when staying within its walls? Grafton, Illinois isn't a long trip if you'd like to investigate for yourself.

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