We all have those days when it feels like you just can't get anything right. I've entire weeks that have felt that way. I met a little boy on Saturday who was filled with so much enthusiasm to keep trying until he accomplished his goal, and this is something you need to see. 
Jacob Adams
Jacob Adams
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Watch 5 Year Old Jacob Break Boards

@libertyonair20 Take on the day like 5 year old Jacob! Keep trying until you break that board #yourethebest#indiantiktok#newburgh#karatekid♬ You're the Best Around (Trap Remix) - Trap Remix Guys & The Big 80s Guys

So, How Did It Feel To Accomplish His Goal?

@libertyonair20 5 year old Jacob is Newburgh’s Karate Kid #indiantiktok#newburgh#karatekid @my105.3 #indiana♬ original sound - LibertyOnAir


What Have We Learned?

First of all, Jacob is just too stinking cute, and his mom will want to investigate all of his future girlfriends. But seriously, it is entirely too easy to try something once, and then just give up if you have to work at it. Every time Jacob tried to break the board, he gave it all he had. As we saw in the video, he didn't give up, no matter how difficult it was to keep trying. 

Hard Work Pays Off

So, let's try and tackle the week like little Jacob. I'm sure you have a to-do list longer than a CVS receipt, I know that I do. If something gets in the way of your productivity, just keep punching and kicking until that board breaks!  

Jacob has been training for five months at Lewis Martial Arts in Newburgh.

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