Right, like you needed me to remind you of that. Let's just say this is for someone who has never been in Evansville in late August. I'm sure there's somebody that's not familiar with the Frog Follies...right?

I can tell you the one of my very first memories of Evansville is the Frog Follies. In the Fall of 1993, my parents and I came down here to get me settled in for my first year at the University of Southern Indiana. I remember my folks talking about how difficult it was to get a room. We stayed at The Drury Inn on Highway 41, so we got to see quite a few of the people (and their vehicles) that were attending the Follies. We kept saying "what in the world is going on down here this weekend?" Now we know.

In fact, the Frog Follies have been happening every August since the year I was born, in 1975. That makes this year's event the 37th annual event. Yep, I'll be 37 just a couple weeks after Frog Follies.

The event has grown from just 44 registered street rods the first year to an average of 4,000 street rods each year. And what about that name? What does that have to do with cars? Not a thing really. They got that name after having a bull frog race at the first event.

This years Follies are August 24th, 25th and 26th at the Vanderburgh Co. 4-H Fairgrounds.

For all kind of Frog Follies info, visit FrogFollies.org.

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