Did you know that the 2021 Policeman's Ball is happening later this month, and it is open to the public? I had no idea. I've heard the policeman's ball mentioned in the past, but I just assumed it was a private event, kind of like a company party, for a whole bunch of employees. Come to find out I was wrong - in fact, I was way off.

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The annual Policeman's Ball actually serves as a fundraiser for the Evansville Police Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides additional resources for the Evansville Police Department to enhance public safety and law enforcement in our community. The foundation does this in a number of different ways, including funding for training, grant application, scholarships, and emergency fund, and more. The Evansville Police Foundation is an amazing organization, and I would encourage you to take a minute to learn more about what they do.

2021 Evansville Policeman's Ball Details

  • When: Saturday, September 25th from 5pm-11pm
  • Where: Riverfront Pavilion at Tropicana
  • How Much: Tickets are $75 each to the general public and $37.50 each for law enforcement & families

I don't know about you, but when I think of a ball, I picture a very formal shindig with tuxedos, dresses, champagne, and strange-looking hors d'oeuvres, but that is not the case at all. The theme of this year's Policeman's Ball is 'Happy Trails' and will have a western-type vibe to it.

What Do You Do at the Policeman's Ball?

How about we let our friend Taylor Merriss, the Special Projects Coordinator for the Evansville Police Department, explain that to you. Take a listen to our latest episode of You Down With EPD?

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