One suspect believed to have stolen a black Mercedes thought he could evade authorities in Southern Indiana. Spoiler: He failed.

The Black Mercedes

On Wednesday evening, Evansville Police Department's third shift Motor Patrol unit took to the streets to locate black Mercedes that had been stolen and was reportedly in the area. In a post shared on Facebook, the department detailed the evening as its events unfolded.

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"While You Were Sleeping"

The Facebook post from the Evansville Police Department begins with "While You Were Sleeping." According to the account, the stolen Mercedes was located and police attempted to make a traffic stop. It was at this time that the driver of that vehicle made the decision to jump from the moving vehicle rather than stop for authorities.

Photo by Samuele Errico Piccarini on Unspla

On The Run

After exiting the moving vehicle, the suspect proceeded to lead authorities on a two-and-a-half-hour game of "hide and seek." According to Evansville Police, the chase involved multiple agencies and the story reads like something almost out of a comic book:

The driver did NOT stop--preferring instead to bail from the vehicle while it was moving--then fled on foot. This action resulted in a 2 ½ hour round of hide and seek involving officers from each sector, the K9 Unit, ongoing assistance from dispatch, BONUS call-ins from citizens reporting sightings of an individual ducking from patrol cars as they passed, a brief stint when the subject was riding a bicycle, topped off by VCSO Deputies assisting with setting up perimeters. (WHEW!) Persistence paid off and the subject—who had an extensive history of encounters with law enforcement—was taken in without incident.


Police say the suspect is no stranger to having run-ins with law enforcement. After being apprehended and taken into custody, the suspect is facing what police are calling a "long list of felonies and misdemeanors."

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