Just when you thought haunted houses weren't scary anymore, a haunted house employee brought a real knife to work.

Can you imagine being one of those parents talking your small child into walking through a haunted house with you by saying something like, "it's all fake, you have nothing to be afraid of," only to have your kid stabbed by a real knife?  I don't know if the parents had that conversation with their young son on Saturday, Sept, 18th in Berea, Ohio.  What I do know, is the unthinkable went down that night at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds according to Fox 8,

The police report said the 22-year-old man scraped the knife along the ground in the front of the group and then stabbed at the ground near the boy’s feet.

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The young haunted house employee, however, didn't actually stab the ground near the boy's feet.  He stabbed the boy's toe thru his shoe.  The 11-year-old boy's wound was treated on-site and is doing fine.  The mother of the victim chose not to press charges as the 22-year-old didn't hurt her son intentionally.

The police took the knife and Mr. Stabby McStabberton admitted that using a real knife was probably a bad idea.  I can't be the only person that thought all knives used at haunted houses were fake, right?  Let's hope the next story out of Ohio doesn't involve a chainsaw that still has the chain on it.

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