The World's Largest Bounce House is coming to Indianapolis this weekend with family and adults-only sessions!

I don't care how old you are, when you see a bounce house there's always a piece of you that wants to hop in and play. Typically bounce houses are reserved for kids only...but that's not the case with the World's Largest Bounce House!

Original Photographer Jodie Bark
Original Photographer Jodie Bark
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What Is The World's Largest Bounce House?

The Big Bounce America is the only Guinness-certified world record holder of The World’s Largest Bounce House...and trust me, it's massive! According to

The Big Bounce America is the biggest touring inflatable event globally and features four massive inflatable attractions. The quartet of inflatables includes the even bigger 16,000 sq. foot World’s Largest Bounce House; Sport Slam, the most recent addition to the tour featuring a customized sports arena; an incredible 900+ ft. long obstacle course named The Giant; and a unique, space-themed wonderland called airSPACE.

Here's a little taste of what The World's Largest Bounce House is all about:

The World's Largest Bounce House Coming To Indianapolis

The Big Bounce America will be making its way to Indianapolis on May 20, 21, and 22 at Waterman Family Farm. There will be several sessions for families and kids of all ages, and there will even be adult-only sessions to bounce around in like you are a kid again. Each session is three hours long, and will include the following:

<ul><li>The World’s Biggest Bounce House, supersized for 2022! (dedicated time slot)</li><li>Sport Slam - New for 2022! Get competitive in this bouncy sports arena (unlimited access)</li><li>The Giant - America's Biggest Inflatable Obstacle Course (unlimited access)</li><li>airSPACE – Slides, Ball Pits and more! (unlimited access)</li></ul>
The Big Bounce America
The Big Bounce America

You can purchase your tickets and find out more about The Big Bounce America in Indianapolis by clicking here.

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