In the life of a child, having a good relationship with both parents is vitally important. Even more so when the parents are divorced. It's crucial that you do everything you can to nurture, facilitate, and held to mend their relationship with the other parent. Ladies, or partners, that means wishing the father of your child a Happy Father's Day.

Listen, I get it, not all fathers are great dads or exes for that matter. Some don't deserve having an awesome child, but they do, they share your child. What I want you to think about is the importance of your child's father in the story of their life, and yours too. Without him, you wouldn't be the parent of your child. He is important to your child, even though, he might not be as important to YOU as he used to be.

Even though my ex and I have had our differences and hurt each other badly, I chose to move on from my resent, hurt, and anger into a better future for my kid's sake. We both made huge mistakes. For these reasons, I always text my ex-husband, the father of my children Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, AND Happy Father's Day.

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I recently did a podcast episode about wishing my ex a happy anniversary. Yes, I said anniversary. I also discuss the importance of sharing your good moments, as a couple, with your child. Trust me, they see and hear a lot of the bad. I know this because I have done it too. It's easier to be all about the bad now that you aren't together, but it's so important that you tell your child about some of your good memories and good times.

Be the best parent your child could ask for, even if you are divorced or not married to their father. Put your child first. That means always encouraging love, kindness, respect, and even forgiveness for the other parent. If there is bad blood between you and the other parent of your child, something like wishing them Happy Father's Day could help ease the tension between you.

Teach your kids how to move past disappointment and conflict in a relationship. Show them how to accept the past and embrace the future. If your child's father and your child have a strained relationship fo everything you can to help bring them back together. Even if, sadly, your attempts and peace don't work out, your child will benefit greatly by seeing you trying to be the peacemaker. Always choose to be positive and hopeful over unforgiving and vengeful.


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 Remember, just because they don't love YOU, doesn't mean that they don't love their child. They may not even act like it sometimes, but you should still always try to help mend the fences. Teach your child to move past conflict and embrace forgiveness in their own future relationships. If your co-parent is a good parent, do what is right for your child. Your child needs both of you.


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