It's something that's happened to all of us a time or two! Picture this: you're miles away from home and enjoying the sights on your relaxing vacation slips. Whether it's your phone or your wedding band, accidents like this seem to happen at the worst possible times. In the case of Randy Williams, it was his dentures.

A rogue wave caused Randy's dentures to pop out while underwater on his first day of vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I can only imagine how the rest of Randy's vacation went! By the time it was time to pack up and head back to Wisconsin, Randy assumed his new $2,000 dentures were a lost cause. Little did he know this was not the end of his denture adventures!

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Aaron and Blaire Welborn, a Mississippi couple, managed to recover Randy's dentures a week later while they were snorkeling and enjoying their own vacation in Gulf Shores. Aaron told WKRG News,

They were pearly white. They were clean. They didn’t have any poligrip or anything on them. They looked brand new

Because the dentures had Randy's name engraved on them, the Mississippi couple decided to take on the mission of returning them to their rightful owner-- but not without having some fun first!

Aaron and Blaire took Randy's dentures along on their vacation adventures, stopping to take pictures with them along the way at places like Krispy Kreme, Chick-Fil-A, the beach, and splashing around in the pool. Says Blaire, "All the things we did, the teeth did with us."

Aaron and Blaire returned Randy's dentures along with a four page note explaining all the adventures they'd been on throughout the couple's vacation. Randy promised to send a picture of himself wearing a big grin once he received his dentures. The two families now plan to meet up in person during their next vacation in Gulf Shores. I love a good happy ending!

What's the most valuable item you've lost while on vacation?

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