The new school year is here! That means that it is time to obey those school zone speed limits, but when are those actually in effect? Do you need to obey them all day? These are questions that I am sure you have had a time or two.

You have seen the signs before in school zones  where the speed limit drops to 20 miles per hour. When are you supposed to go 20 miles per hour, and when can you go the normal speed limit? The answer to that question is quite simple. The school zone speed limit is only enforced when children are present.

There are a couple of indicators to look for to know when you should obey the school zone speed limit. Look for crossing guards and yellow flashing lights indicating you are approaching a school zone.

Remember, especially during the beginning of the school year, officers will have an increased presence in school zones. Officers and crossing guards will be monitoring your speed. So be safe and smart. Know when to go 20 and when to go the normal speed limit!

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