Have you ever noticed that just about anywhere you drive, there's always random shoes on the side of the road? I was headed down the Lloyd Expressway today and looked out my window to see this sad little tennis shoe just laying there. So, why discard one shoe?

I have some theories...

1. You only have one foot, so you discard the other. Use a trash can or find another one-footed person who needs that other shoe!

2. Someone was running down the middle of the highway and blew out this particular tennis shoe. So, they left it there.

3. There was a giant bee in an individual's vehicle so they used the shoe to squash it and discarded the shoe when they were flinging it said bee.

4. They didn't strap it down in the back of a truck.

5. A rotten kid through his dad's shoe out the window when dad wasn't looking.

None of these are great theories but I just can't come up with anything else! Just keep yo shoes in the car!


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