It's National Burger Week, so it's perfect timing for a fun Throwback Thursday poll. Do you remember Burger Chef, Druther's, and DDI? Which burger joint do you miss the most in Owensboro?

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Burger Week is always fun in Owensboro, but it also makes you think about those burgers we loved from the past. So, let's have some fun and reminisce. Most of these were open before I moved here, but my friends and family talk about them all the time. Some of the burger chains listed were regional, some were local, but all served up great burgers that we miss. Take the poll below and vote for the burger joint that you miss the most! We'll share the results tomorrow.

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BHimes76 via YouTube
BHimes76 via YouTube


Probably the restaurant I hear the most about is Burger Chef. Do you remember "Burger Chef" and "Jeff"? How about the "Funburger" and "Funmeals"? "Funmeals" were actually pre-McDonald's "Happy Meals". In the early '50s, the flame-broiled burger concept was born and introduced at Burger Chef restaurants.

"Remember Burger Chef? It was always a treat to go in there. Their burgers came in a cellophane wrapper and it seemed geared towards kids.", Mike Chaney reminisced

"This was my first burger joint as a kid. Always had to convince my parents that I could eat a "Big Chef".", Jim Gasparovic added

Keith Lawrence remembers Burger Chef, "When I was in the Army in 1970-71, the Burger Chef near our house had five burgers for $1 on Tuesdays."

Larry Myles added, "Burger Chef was just around the corner from us too, a true staple in my childhood."


"I'd Ruther Go to Druther's Restaurant"

Located on New Hartford Road, Druther's was a family staple in Owensboro. Do you remember "Queenie Bee" and "Andy Dandytale"? You may remember that in the early '80s Burger Queen changed its name to Druther's Restaurant. What do you miss the most?

Todd Humphreys was a fan, "Burger Queen had good double cheeseburgers, but Blandford's had the BEST cheeseburgers in town."

At Druther's it wasn't only about the burgers Sheila Sheeva Sisk shares, "I miss Druthers. They had the best fish."


"When the hungries hit / When the hungries hit / Hit the Red Barn."

Do you remember the Red Barn located on the corner of Parrish & Frederica? Who can forget the "Big Barney" or the "Barnbuster"! Do you miss Red Barn burgers the most? Vote for them below!

"Red Barn had Popeye cartoon-themed collectible glasses and my Dad had the entire set. He lived close to the restaurant.", Jeff Rumage reminisced


Sonic now sits where Sambo's used to be located on Frederica Street. Sambo's had a diner feel to it and served a wide variety of food items. Were the burgers here the best?


Also, located on Frederica Street where Franey's now sits, Jerry's was a popular restaurant. Although they offered a big menu, their burgers were the talk of the town! Most of the restaurant locations became Denny's, but one still remains open in Paris, Kentucky.

Cindy Sowders shared, "I miss 8 Ball the most because they were cheap, and the burgers were huge!"

Kenny Roberts added, "I always liked, Dennis and Akers and Blandford’s."

"Locally owned Little T’s had the biggest hamburgers in Owensboro. They were located where Madewells is now.", Mike Chaney shared.

Chris Arnold agrees, " Little T Diner had frying pan size burgers!"

Those are just a few that you may miss the most. Now, it's time to vote in our poll.

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