Leadership Everyone (formerly Leadership Evansville) was super excited to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their Celebration of Leadership. The annual event was originally scheduled to happen on March 19th at the Old National Events Plaza, that is until our arch nemesis Coronavirus decided to show up. The joke's on you though, 'Rona, because you can't stop the Celebration of Leadership. In fact, it's gonna happen in a way, now, that even more people will have a chance to be a part of the celebration - so take that.

The new plan for the 2020 Celebration of Leadership is to air it on WNIN on Tuesday, June 30th from 7pm-8pm. That means no ticket is necessary...no need to get all dressed up...no need to find a baby sitter. You can see all of the amazing people being recognized from the comfort of your own home, wearing your favorite jammies if you want.

On this week's edition of Be MY Guest, Liberty and I were joined by Lynn Miller Pease from Leadership Everyone and by Court Kull from Fifth Third Bank, long time sponsor of the Celebration of Leadership. Take a listen to our interview to learn more about Leadership Everyone and the kinds of people and organizations that will be recognized at this year's event.

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