I'm not afraid to admit, I do a lot of my shopping at the ole Walmart. In recent years, I've kind of fallen in love with Wally World. They have just about everything I could ever want or need in-store. (Best kept secret: Boonville has the best Walmart around.) They have a huge online selection and if you buy from a Walmart.com retailer, you can return it to the store which is so much better than trying to ship it back anywhere. And, yes, I'm going to admit it. They have really cute clothes. This is contrary to all I stood for in my prior years but as a woman in my 30s with a small child, I don't have time to go clothes shopping. Either my husband buys it for me, or it came from Walmart because I'm walking through and it catches my eye.

But, last night, I noticed Walmart had used my Facebook feed to catch my eye for something totally different. There is was in all its glory. BOOM: a neon green lace jock strap. Now, usually I get ads for kids clothes or berry flavor organic greens. But, today, it was a neon green lace jock strap. Which begs the questions... who wears this? NOT ME!

And why did they pick this for me? It's not like I share an account with anyone or even an IP address. I was on my phone. I bought an elliptical machine from Walmart this week but really?

But now that I've clicked through, there's no telling what they'll suggest to me! And spoiler alert, I tried to google it so I could add a link on here. DON'T DO THAT. TRUST ME!

What's the weirdest thing you've ever been shown ona Amazon or Walmart ad?