Want to be a better leader? Plan on attending this event!

During the Tri-State Manufacturers' Alliance Q1 event, we will hear from Alcoa’s Warrick Operations Manufacturing Director along with his leadership team to understand their business challenges – successes and missteps – in their journey to create leaders. Learn how to take practical leadership actions for an immediate and sustainable impact.

MARCH 7, 2018
7:00 AM - Registration & Networking
7:30 - 11 AM - EVENT

For event details and to register, visit:
swinchamber.com/events or call 812-425-8147.

There has been no better time to develop as a leader. 
An aspiring person can easily find thousands of books, articles, blogs, TED talks and YouTube videos on the topic. Still, companies are desperate for strong leaders, and many who consider themselves as such are, at best, only managers. A new type of leader is needed who can inspire, define and execute excellence in manufacturing.

In our Q1 event, we will hear from Alcoa’s Warrick Operations Manufacturing Director and his leadership team on their business challenges, and their successes and missteps in creating new leaders. Over the past few years, Alcoa has been challenged by an aluminum price drop of over 50 percent, closure of the smelter, separation of Alcoa Inc., restart of the smelter, massive hiring and job movement, a volume increase of 20 percent, and a transition of leadership from one generation to the next. In this session, you will not hear high-level, feel-good leadership sound bites. You will instead be exposed to practical leadership development actions that can be implemented at your company the next day, and get a glimpse of Alcoa University where the Warrick Operations is taking aggressive action to create new leaders. During a breakout session, participants will discuss and solve obstacles for leadership development, adding to the learning experience.

The program will conclude with a challenge to develop together as TSMA members. Imagine if Anchor opened their improvement Kaizens for participation by Sabic and Toyota; or Jasper Engines provided training for an introduction to lean manufacturing. What if Alcoa trained TSMA maintenance departments on the use of ultrasonics to lubricate motors to eliminate failures? We will also examine the many local training programs (such as Purdue TAP) proven to help companies excel.


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