-by Philip Pepper, INTERN

If you’re like me, you hate waiting in line to do something. With Valentine’s Day coming up, you need to find something fun but also find something that a lot of people won't be doing. Yes, you could be cliche and go eat dinner and see a movie, or you could read this list of fun and inexpensive date ideas right here in Evansville that you won't have to wait in line for on this coming Valentine’s Day.



Many people think of SkyZone as a children's playground, when in fact, adults can also have a blast here. With reasonable prices and more than enough space for you to not tumble over small children, SkyZone is a wonderful place to get lots of laughs, and also get a bit of exercise too! It is always fun to experience something new or out of the norm, so what better way to spend part of a date bouncing around with your significant other?

Vanderburgh Humane Society, It Takes a Village, Warrick Humane Society

Even if you aren't in the market for a new furry friend, spending time playing with cute,     loving animals will melt your heart. Guys, don’t lie, you love it, too. With more than enough animals who need attention, this is a fantastic, and totally FREE date idea to make you smile, have fun with animals, and who knows, you could end up falling in love with one of the animals there. These shelters also are always open to volunteers, so if you wanted to give back this Valentine’s Day, this could be a great option!

Breakout Games Evansville, Escape, Locked! Evansville

You always see people doing these on Twitter or Facebook, but why not try them out for yourself? If you haven’t heard or seen it before, Breakout Games, Escape, and Locked! are games right here in Evansville that will test you mentally and physically to try to escape from a room or solve a problem. The catch is, there is a specific way to have to get out or solve the issue. It is up to you to find clues, and figure out a plan or attack. Not only are they a short drive away, but they are also fairly priced as well, and will make you work hard to escape/solve the problem at hand, Do you have what it takes?

Dream Car Museum

Another wonderful, and interesting option for a date is to visit Evansville’s Dream Car Museum. This is a cool, yet different way to have a good time by looking at cars that you only wish you had. From Lamborghinis to old school cars, The Dream Car Museum has a vehicle everyone loves. The best part is, it is also FREE!

Walther’s Golf & Fun

Another different, yet fun way to spend your date night on Valentine’s Day is to visit Walther’s Golf & Fun. Here, you can be a kid again and play arcade games for cheap, play laser tag, and play a couple rounds of putt putt golf. With an indoor and outdoor putt putt course, the cold weather will not be an issue here. Not only are they very reasonably priced, they have a free texting program that sends out free rounds of golf, and other promotions for later visits. For the price, the amount of fun, and the atmosphere, Walther’s Golf & Fun should for sure be an option for a date on Valentine’s Day.

Swonder Ice Arena

If you want to try something different, look no further. Do you have trouble walking sometimes? Well go ahead and throw on some ice skates and see how you do on ice. If you are like me, you will wobble your way around the rink looking like a fool. Though challenging at first, you will shortly figure it out and it is actually quite fun. Holding hands with your significant other, both struggling to skate along, laughing at each other, and smiling a lot is a great date idea for those couples that are looking for different date ideas. Located in between the East and West side of Evansville, this is right in the middle of town, and has many hours of free skate.

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