If you're a fan or believer of extraterrestrial life, you'll certainly be interested in visiting Colorado's own UFO Watchtower.

UFO Watchtower In Colorado

We've all watched sci-fi movies about the possibility of extraterrestrial life being out there, or know somebody who believes that we're not alone in this universe.

One of my best friends dives down those rabbit holes every now and again and comes away from all of it being 100% certain that there are other forms of life out there. There is certainly a multitude of conspiracies out there that can really suck you in and make you believe. Have you ever seen a UFO in person? Some truly believe they have, and a lot of them saw them from this very unique spot in Colorado.

Far South of Northern Colorado, south of Colorado Springs, in Alamosa, is what is promoted as "Colorado's most unique attraction," the UFO Watch Tower. From curious individuals to even the most extreme extraterrestrial fans alike, the UFO Watchtower is an extremely popular spot to visit for a chance to see a UFO or some other form of life. Numerous visitors claim to have spotted UFOs but with a view like this, it's certainly possible they saw something.

It costs $2 per person or $5 per carload to visit. You can also camp on the grounds for $15 per night per tent with no reservations required. Might be worth an overnight just to enjoy the spectacular views you'd get while searching the sky for the unknown.

If you believe in the unknown, or even if you don't, this might be the perfect spot to get away and enjoy some of the hidden beauty that Colorado has to offer.

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