Remember, a few weeks ago, I showed you these pics of a cliff in Kentucky. Well, the below structure, looking a lot like a stereotypical UFO was sitting right there on the cliff.

The pictures were taken by Kenny Ross and posted on the Abandoned Kentucky Facebook page. Yes, it IS abandoned, thank God. But, I can't help but be curious about its story. Who made it and why? And, why put it in Powell County, KY on a cliff?

Kenny Ross

Unless it really landed there for us to find. I mean look, apparently aliens look just like we think they do. LOL

Kenny Ross

It's something so totally random. Can you imagine walking up on this with kids? They would never for get it. It would like a Close Encounters of the (almost) Third Kind.

Now, to make things even stranger, the structure or ‘UFO’ has moved. It has been spotted in a field not far from the cliff sighing.

According to Kenny Ross, the photographer of the original pics, here is what’s happening now.

So. Update on the abandoned spaceship. We no longer believe that the homemade spaceship is abandoned, we do believe the aliens are roaming powell county to collect scrap metal to rebuild at this point

It has so far moved a total of 3 times, it was in the cliff edge, but now is in a soybean field about a half mile from original spot. And has lights, and a tube on the bottom which has recently been added.


Kenny Ross
Kenny Ross

You know, who’s to say what’s happening down in Powell, County, KY. But, whatever it is, even if it's a prank, it’s fun. I can’t wait to see where the ‘UFO’ ends up next.

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