Let’s just get this out of the way right now: it is a beautiful thing when someone rises up with enough guts and vision to not only bring their labor of love to fruition, but in seeing it through, they give something positive back to a community of people – or even the world. For without those people who “go for it”, so to speak, there would be nothing on either side of a palatable spectrum for any of us to sink our discriminating teeth into; making this universe of ours an extremely dull place to spend a lifetime.

With that being said, it is always a pleasure when I am asked to review a local establishment that has very clearly set out to become a highly revered, charming and distinguished characteristic that helps define the personality of the city of Evansville. An accomplishment of this magnitude, alone, should be one that is commended and appreciated by everyone who calls this city home.

The Tin Man Brewing Co. is a brewery, not a restaurant or, god forbid, another cheap rendition of the downtrodden, American nightclub that seems to cater to second-rate amateurs looking for good times in jello-shots and mechanical bulls. Tin Man is more of a brand than it is a place to frequent when looking for cheap booze and wild women, which is just one of the reasons it ranks in as a class act for the Evansville area.

Sample flight, Kat Mykals

During my visit to Tin Man, I drank, sampled and drank some more, all of the five craft beers the brewery has available, as well as their seasonal offering, Gearbox Black Ale, which I am currently drinking as I type out this article. The beer has a classic allure that I feel was brewed for the common man rather than for those too prudish to truly understand that style and elegance comes from simplicity. It seems that without going overboard to achieve the root of their flavoring, Tin Man has been successful in developing a line of good brew for good people; yet another reason why this establishment remains “classy” above others of its kind.

Dinner Sample Platter, Kat Mykals

Although Tin Man Brewing Co. is not a restaurant, they have partnered up with the folks at Gunslinger Barbecue to provide what I consider to be some of the best barbecue that I have had the pleasure of eating anywhere in the country - spanning from New York to Los Angeles. This after having many colleagues and acquaintances tell me that the food offered at the Tin Man facility was subpar – not true by any stretch of my expectations.

Overall, my experience at the Tin Man Brewing Co. was a good one, and I believe it would be for anyone looking to knock back some Southern Indiana suds and enjoy some top-notch Kansas City barbecue. Note: the food is served on an aluminum foil tray, Styrofoam cups and paper plates, which is part of the allure and overall charm of the place. If you happen to find the presentation of the food more cut-rate than endearing, you will not likely understand what level of excellence the people of the Tin Man Brewing Co. have set out to achieve.

Gearbox Black Ale, Kat Mykals





Tin Man Recommendations:

Personally, I recommend you and a guest sitting at the bar and ordering the Tin Man Sampler, which is a flight of five 5oz. samples for $6.00. After fixating on a specific beer, order a couple pints of it and then order the four meat, four sides (sample platter - $24.95 and feeds two people) with the pulled pork, ¼ chicken, ribs and burnt ends. For your sides, you cannot go wrong with the BBQ beans, potato salad, cole slaw and smoked mac and cheese. Sauces: I suggest trying them all, even though the Tennessee Vinegar was probably my favorite.

Other Notes Worth Mentioning:

Open at 11:00AM - 7 Days a Week.

Tin Man Brewing Co. offers CARRY-OUT beer on SUNDAY: Growler plus first fill is only $13.00.

Find Them:

1430 W. Franklin St., Evansville, Indiana 47710

Ph. 812-618-3227