When the ball dropped at midnight New Year’s Day, several states across America implemented a handful of weird new laws that appear as if they should have been put on the books in the 1800’s rather than 2013.

Get this; it is now illegal in Kentucky to release a feral hog into the wild, because apparently the Bluegrass state has a problem with wild-eyed swine wreaking havoc on their farmer’s crops as well as spreading diseases. Can you say home of the swine flu mutation?

In fact, the United States Department of Agriculture says they have been trying to kill off the wild hog population in the state by swooping in on their packs with helicopters and gunning down as many as they can. However, no matter how many they kill, the population of these wild beasts continues to increase every year, as they can now be found in 37 Kentucky counties.

And while the new Kentucky hog law is strange, it doesn’t have anything on the latest regulation that our neighbors in Illinois finally decided to put on the books. As of 2013, it is now officially against the law to have sex with a corpse. That's right; up to this point, the only thing necrophiliacs could be charged with in this state is “criminal damage to property.” We're glad it's finally safe to die in Illinois.

Other bizarre new laws include: Kentucky no longer acknowledges pensions owed to Confederate soldiers, and it is now illegal in Illinois for employers to ask for the social media passwords of their applicants. But just in case you were wondering; ours is NoneOfYourFreakinBusiness!

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