Congratulations to one of the newest Cubs on the birth of a new baby boy.

Pitcher Marcus Stroman announced via Twitter today that he was a new dad to baby Kai Zen Stroman.

Stroman also Tweeted this picture of him and his dad working out at their home while they were waiting for his wife to go into labor.

Many took notice of how absolutely ripped his dad was in the background lifting some dumbbells while balancing on an exercise ball.

Twitter @str0
Twitter @str0


attachment-Stro Grandfather Press

Here are some other pictures of "Big Earl."


attachment-Stroman Grandfather shirt

The man is, and this phrase gets throw around a lot but it absolutely applies in this situation, a unit.

It turns out that he kind of needs to be because he is a high ranking New York County Detective.

It's going to be awesome seeing Big Earl in the stand of Wrigley Field this summer watching his son pitch for the Cubs.

His son Marcus is excited to pitch for the Cubs as well. When he hasn't been attending to the mother of his expectant child, or working out with his imposing father, he's been interacting with Cub fans on Twitter.

The guy knows how to social media with the best of them.

And going back and forth with another recent Cub favorite Andrew Chafin.

It's going to be a fun year with Stroman on the Cubs. Cub fans needed a little injection of life after losing basically every fan's favorite player over the past two seasons.

Hope springs again on the north side. Tune in this spring to see if any of it works.

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