Ahhh, the good old days...they were just so...good!  As a kid, I remember walking out onto the front porch and picking up the milk bottle after the milk man had dropped it off.  Yes, the milkman!  Remember those days?  Remember opening the milk bottle and scooping off the top layer of cream?Then after drinking up that thick vitamin D milk, I would take the empty milk bottles out in their container and set them on the front porch for the milk man to pick up, and we were ready for another delivery of fresh milk.

By the time I was out of elementary school, we no longer had the milk man deliver our milk.  Nope.  Now we were buying it at the grocery store because it was cheaper and more convenient.  It didn't matter to me that milk was no longer delivered until I began teaching kids in elementary school and realizing that they had never experienced much of the "days gone by" experiences, such as getting milk delivered to your front door by a milk man.  Looking back now, it seems like a very special memory for me.

The reason I digress is because it was on this date in 1878 when milk in glass bottles were delivered for the first time.  That little fact jogged my memory and I began reminiscing about those early days of my childhood when milk was delivered to your door, when stores were closed on Sundays because it was a day to be with family and to take Sunday drives, when radio stations played 45 rpm records, and when everyone's lives seemed to be a little more innocent and wholesome.  Good memories from the good old days.