You have heard those horror stories about people getting their debit card hacked, but are you at risk at the places you use your card most often? According to Business Insider, debit card fraud increased by 10% last year. We have had cases of this happen in the Tri-State in the past. No one wants fraudulent charges on their debit card. Unlike a credit card, your debit card is your actual money!

So what are some of the places where you are most at risk for someone to hack your debit card. Business Insider mentions the four riskiest places to use your debit card. These places, for the most part, are places that you frequently use. So swipe with caution!

Here are four of the riskiest places to use your debit card:


1.  Independent or Unfamiliar ATMs that aren't associated with an actual bank.

Why?  They're easier to hack, and more likely to have card skimmers.These are devices placed over the card reader that can steal your information.

2.  Gas pumps.

Why? They are another popular place for card skimmers.  So if you want to be careful about it, take a good look at the card reader before you use your card. Most of the time you can pull the skimmer right off of the card reader. Or you can simply pay inside.

3.  Restaurants.

Why?  You are handing your card over to someone that you don't know. THEY run your card, so THEY have your card information. Your waiter could use a handheld card skimmer.  Or they could just take a photo of your card and use your info to buy stuff online.

4.  Online.

Why? There are so many ways someone can get your debit card when you shop online. You could have malware on your computer and not know about it.  Someone could have hacked into your WI-FI.  Or the website you're on could save your info and then get data breached.  Since there are so many scenarios, experts say using your debit card online is the RISKIEST thing you can do with it.

The moral of the story here is that you are better off using cash at places like this. This will help ensure that you're not at risk of identity theft or fraudulent charges. However, if you're like me, you use your debit card for practically everything. Keep your receipts and keep track of your bank account to make sure no fraudulent charges have been made.



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